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Learning to use Windows

Laurie class

This site is for those who wish to learn some basics about how to use their computers for simple tasks without becoming embroiled in a whole lot of technical detail. It is also aimed at showing some elementary operations of Windows for those who are new to personal computers.

The majority of households in the US own computers. In spite of this widespread presence, there remain many who know very little about computers. Even those who use computers at work often know only how to do some one particular business task. In a sense, they all remain beginners.

Training courses abound and the Web is full of sites on various aspects of computers. However, these resources tend to concentrate on the applications of specialized computer programs or on details of the Windows operating system that are not of interest to many home PC users. Here we will try to help fill the needs of the beginner and the more casual user. The material is in two parts.

Part I. Basic skills
This is material designed to help newcomers and contains tutorials on some of the most basic operations of using computers and the beginning elements of Windows.
Part II. Intermediate skills
The second part contains tutorials on important Windows features for those who are not total "newbies" but who are nonetheless not very advanced PC users.