A guide to clicking the mouse in Windows

The mouse is a primary way to communicate with a PC. But there is more than one type of function involved in clicking a mouse so it is understandable that newcomers are sometimes confused. There is both a left and a right-click and sometimes a double-click and sometimes a single-click. The table below will sort out some of the confusion.

Table I. Explanation of various mouse actions within Windows
Mouse button Action Function
Left Single-click Selects something, usually a file, as a target for some action to come next.
Left Double-click Causes an action to be carried out, such as opening a file. Note: The Internet is different. For example, clicking once on a link in a browser is sufficient to open the link.
Right Single-click Brings up a list of possible actions for an object. Any actions on the list must be clicked again (right or left) before they actually occur.
Right Double-click Has no separate meaning