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Tutorials for Learning Basic Functions in Windows
Here are some tutorials for those who are new to computing. Basic computer functions like using the mouse and keyboard as well as simple Windows operations like copy and paste are explained. The most basic file operations are also covered.

Clicking a link below will open a tutorial in a new window. When you have finished looking at a tutorial, close its window to return to the main menu.

Elementary computer concepts

Slide show introducing computers
Presents elementary concepts of how computers work and what the essential components such as the CPU, RAM, and the hard drive are. Briefly describes the concept of an operating system and what the file system is.
A survey of some of the keys on a PC keyboard
A tutorial in Macromedia Flash 6 format showing some of the different keys on a PC keyboard.
A guide to clicking the mouse in Windows
Single-click, double-click, left-click, right-click; it can be confusing for someone new to using a mouse. How to know which one of these operations applies is explained.
Mouse Tutorial and Exercises
A group of entertaining interactive exercises for practicing elementary operations such as the double-click and drag-and-drop. Has sound effects so be sure to turn on your speakers. Also contains an interactive drawing exercise. In Flash 6 format. ( Note: the mouse exercises have been updated to get around the Internet Explorer extra click problem. However, the workaround uses JavaScript so be sure it is enabled.)

Elements of Windows

Slide show introducing the file system
Describes the basic concepts of how information is stored in files and folders. Introduces the idea of different types of file formats requiring different software
Elementary Windows menu operations
An interactive Flash tutorial for practicing very basic operations with the standard Windows menus "File" and " Edit"
Using the Task Pane to copy a file
Folders in Windows XP contain a handy area called the "Task Pane", where various file and folder operations can be carried out. This Flash demonstration shows how to copy a file.
Using the Task Pane to move a file
Another Flash presentation, this time showing how to move a file in Windows XP
Copying multiple files
Continuing the Flash presentations on simple file operations in Windows XP
Tutorial on selecting text for copying or editing
A Macromedia Flash presentation on how to use the mouse to select or highlight text designated for copying to another document window or for editing purposes. This non-interactive presentation has occasional sound.

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